About Prompt

Prompt is a kids’ learning app that was created by parents 
and teachers of teenage children. Like most parents, we wanted to see our teenage sons and daughters do their best in their school exams.

We could see they were putting in some hard work as exams came close, but we knew they would do a whole load better, if only they could do a little bit of revision each day throughout the school year.

Hours of screen time

To be honest, we were also despairing of our kids’ smartphone use. They were spending hours on their phones and tablets, scrolling through low-quality content

We can hardly blame them – after all, we had paid for their tech. And if we were completely honest, we are pretty keen on our own devices, too. When we were teens, we didn’t have those distractions-but if we had we’d probably have been the same. Mainly we were bothered that our children could be using their time a little better.

We thought, is their smartphone addiction spoiling their chances of getting the grades they deserve? If they could spend just 5-10 minutes each day over the whole school year revising, wouldn’t that really add up?

Making every
smartphone visit count

Then it occurred to us. How about we create a way of marrying our two concerns together–with one clever solution? If we could create a way of making our children’s smartphone obsessions work in our favour, we’d all be better off.

Learn it,

repeat it, know it

We set to work, designing a network of questions that we could 
turn into an app to install on our children’s phones. Working with experienced teachers, we developed material that would cover 
all the facts relevant to GCSE subjects taught in British secondary schools and academies.

For students, parents and teachers

As we created Prompt, we realised how useful the app could be, not only for the students (and their parents), but also for their teachers and educators. If students have the factual information locked in, it’s an awful lot easier to teach them all the other stuff they need to know; how to apply their knowledge, how to structure, reason and write.

What material does Prompt cover?

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